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My Dividend Capturing Strategy - Day 10 5/18/17

|Includes: Alon USA Partners (ALDW), ENBL

After Wednesday's market meltdown, Thursday proved to be a wild ride too, moving down 30 points, then up over 150 points and then finally settling up 56 points to end the day.

Today, I had two transactions:

1) Sold ALDW (Alon USA Partners) @ $11.20, a stock loss of $118.09 but a dividend captured of $249.28 for an overall profit of $118.08. ALDW was pretty strong after the open and so I rode it up until I bailed out @ $11.20.

This was a great play today and since I only had one stock in play, it worked out excellent.

2) Bought ENBL (Enable Midstream Partners) - 463 shares @ $16.00. This stock gained $.05 today to set up a possible good payoff tomorrow. The dividend captured is $148.82.

I thought that I was going to be buying AEUA (Anadarko Petroleum) today also, but after re-checking the volume, it didn't meet the minimum volume requirements (50,000/day average).

The total profit from this strategy stands at $845.65. This works out to a $84.57/day. Still below my goal of $100/day but it moved up from yesterday. Tomorrow (or thereabouts) marks the halfway point in this experiment and I'm happy with the way it is working out. We'll see how the second half works out.

There are no stocks to be bought for this portfolio until next Tuesday (due to no stocks passing my screening and very few stocks going ex-dividend). I'll have more on the Tuesday stocks in later blog posts.

Until tomorrow, happy trading!

Dan Gaskell

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