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My Dividend Capturing Strategy - Day 13 5/23/17

|Includes: BNP Paribas ADR (BNPQY)

Today was an day that included only one transaction - I bought BNPQY. Here's how it went down today:

Bought BNPQY - 203 shares @ $37.19. The potential dividend to be captured is $295.35. This dividend is really nice and it's because it's a yearly dividend payout. The dividend itself is only a 3.94% yield but I get it all at once. I like that!

Today, BNPQY gained a little speed and finished up $.23 from where I bought it for a nice little gain of $46.69. Hopefully, that'll be a nice start for the stock in the morning.

For tomorrow, there's no purchase of any stocks. Nothing made it through my screener. I do have four to buy on Thursday with captured dividends of about $575. That's enough to make me come back, for sure!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to add to the total so my overall average/day went down. To remind you of where I was as of last Friday, the total profit is $947.51 for a 13 day average of $72.89. Below my $100/day goal but I have about two weeks to make it up.

For tomorrow's blog, in addition to BNPQY's performance, I'm going to discuss my buy and sell strategy for entering and exiting stocks. I don't just rush into or out of each transaction. I look for entry and exit points and I'll explain my strategy.

So, until tomorrow, happy trading!
Dan Gaskell

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