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My Dividend Capturing Strategy - Day 20 6/2/17

|Includes: Golub Capital BDC (GBDC), GHL, KSS, TCAP-OLD

Today, I only had one stock to sell but three to buy. Not much in the way of profit, but it was profit!

Here's what happened today:

1) Sold GBDC (Golub Capital) @ $21.10 for a stock loss of -$84.87 and the dividend captured is $118.08 for a net profit of $33.21. Sure, I'm not going to ring bells or anything, but profit is profit.

2) Bought GHL (Greenhill & Co) - 357 shares @ $20.80. The dividend to be captured is $160.65.

3) Bought KSS (Kohls) - 191 shares @ $39.30. The dividend to be captured is $105.50.

4) Bought TCAP (Triangle Corp) - 415 shares @ $18.12. The dividend to be captured is $186.75.

So far, my profit is $1,497.09, a $74.85/day average. This is below my $100/day goal but looking good anyway.

This is the last time during this strategy experiment that I'll be buying stocks. It's been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot. Mostly, I've learned that this strategy is possible and viable. I hope that you have learned something, too.

I'll be giving my last report next time and hopefully, I'll go out with a good profit. Also, I plan to break down all the trades, statistics and information for this strategy in a near-future post. Look for that soon!

Until tomorrow, happy trading!
Dan Gaskell

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