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Rating Agencies S&P Moody's

Its amazing how these two have developed from highly paid Bank pawns stamping Triple AAA on anything and everything they could find in 2003 onward, too now fortune tellers who can see the future ?

I am really not sure why Europe does not declare war on them and take them out? After all they are butchering the Europeans to ensure no one concentrates on the fiasco going on in the US and the US states?

If you continue to blow up countries in Europe and ensure their collapse by ensuring they couldn't borrow from a loan shark, then no one notices the mini explosions in the US do they?

Congress in the US are just eating up the TV time pursuing the "Debt Ceiling". Something that all these Congressman ignored and took for granted for the last 10 years and just Rubber Stamped.

So suddenly they decide to get frugal as a result of the Tea Partiers. I think its great, what I find disgusting is the grandstanding and 11th hour talks that actually could damage the country? Why? Strictly idiots, that's why. Spending and budgets are spearate from the Debt Ceiling, one has nothing to do with the other if you have people regulating spending. So raise the debt ceiling to $20 trillion and forget about the ceiling. Then prevent frivillous spending in Congress and you won;t have any issues. Instead they play the 11th hour card which could damage US credit. Unless of course, S&P and Moodys are paid schills of the US gov?

So lets look at this huge Cutback of $4 trillion or less?

$500billion in Trade deficit a year, plus $400billion in Interest on debt (assuming you can keep rates at 2% or less forever (good luck with that).

10,000 baby boomers a day retiring demanding social assistance, Medicare and Medicaid with about $65trillion in unfunded liabilities in both.

So lets say after pulling everyone out of wars, you cut $350billion next year? (well gee your on track already, right? Trouble is, $1trillion is baked in every year in debt from now till the end of that 10 years instead of $1.5trillion? Sooooo $10 trillion over 10 years  add that to the $16.2trillion you are in debt by this time 2012 , (14.2trillion +2 trillion to avoid a debt ceiling discussion during Presdential elections) and the total after saving "$6trillion" of real money is $26trillion in 2023

Now lets say were still at 2-3 percent and we have not added any compounding interest at all? Gee that's $660billion in debt servicing, what happens at 6%? 1.56 trillion in debt servicing? So in 2022 you will be paying out $1.56trillion "in just DEBT SERVICING" assuming we can keep rates down to 6%. Did we mention anything about trade deficits? Running Gov? Servicing Soical programs yet? Nope

People have no idea what the Republicans are doing to the US by demanding no Tax increases for the rich, but I assure you, you will, in about 4 years from now, you really really will. Because by that time it will be too late just to tax the rich, they will have to tax everyone, and you know thats what all this is about.