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CNBC is becoming dumber then a stump! Part 6

|Includes: BAC, C, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), JPM, WFC

This morning, no one on CNBC sees a recession on the horizon. Which we find very interesting because recessionary quarters when it comes to China seem to be well understood buy CNBC. You, on a regular basis here CNBC refer to the need of at least 7% growth for the Chinese to be expanding.
China, afterall has millions of people entering the workforce every month. So for growth to remain above the number of people entering the workforce. CNBC clearly indicates that China needs 6-7%

However when referring to their own economy they do not apply this type of statistics at all. So as long as you are above 0% you are not in recession or contracting. So According the the "stumpers" the USA only needs 0.00000000000000001% growth and were not really in a recession.

Statistics are used very flippantly and obviously to the disadvantage of others but to the advantage of the USA.

So lets parallel this to reality rather then the fantasy land CNBC lives in.

Every month, you needed 250K jobs just to stay ahead of natural migration of people from schools to maintain 0% growth. That was "BEFORE" the recession. Now you have 19million people out of work with many more people under employed and part time work.

So the natural growth needed to make the USA "just maintain" and tread water, increases as every month passes that they do not produce 250K jobs. So to get "even" the USA needs 2 % growth, just to maintain itself in its present "sad state"

So every quarter, you hear the USA is less than 2% growth, you are in recession no matter what the wizards say at CNBC. No matter how many gurus appear talking utter bullshit. Its all numbers manipulation. The US needs 3% growth for 5 years to get back what it has lost, thats the bottom line.

Joe does not have to guess whether he is in recession, he knows it. Joe does not have to "guess whether he sees inflation" he is living it! So Bernanke can remove anything he wants to produce a low inflation number, let him. If analysts want to Bullshit the american people to try to keep morale up, let them, but you would at least think that CNBC would hold themselves to a standard measure. They put that measure to the Chinese to live by, then ignore it themselves.

No one wants to account for a global slowdown nor do they want to account for multiples on stocks. Who says S&P has to trade 13 times earnings? I will tell you who, the Brokerage that bought at 12 times!!!
Slowly, the conned are realizing all these guys have pulled there last con. Soon they will be playing with their HFT and FTS systems by themselves. They tell you to hold for the longterm while piling up cash flipping for 1/4 pennies.

This is not the new normal, its distorted capitalism, where the criminals run game and hope they can ponzi you into it. Be samrt use your head. Do not over expose yourself to this group of pump artists that always have an excuse why you just lose money and why you will get it back. The fact is, 70% of these idiots have no clue what they are talking about and the other 30% have no clue.

Remember, its all about the money (your money) you have it, they want it.

Now the Repubs want less rules on business. The funny thing is, the rules they want to restore are ones that would prevent a second Ponzi and scam by wall street?
Democrats just want to reign the criminals in while they have a chance.

If you think we have had problems up till now, just watch what happens when or if Europe rolls over. Remember the Term "Credit Default Swaps" and find out how much that will raise the price of a loaf of bread if things go horribly wrong. These guys are nothing but rogue traders trying to steal as much money before someone closes the gate.

When this Ponzi fails, lord help us all.