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ZENyatta The Leading Horse Running With A Bunch Of NAGS!

|Includes: Zenyatta Ventures Ltd (ZENYF)

Never ceases to amaze me. Every Flaker, every flake investor, every flake promoter, and every flake brokerage that got sucked into an expensive PP, is now out to get ZEN.

What is truly amusing is every Zenyatta SeekingAlpha writer does not do an independent paper about ZEN. No, what he does is say ZEN is garbage because he owns some losing flakes stocks and needs you to come to his party, because no one is there.

Article after article drafted, thus far, has been for one purpose only. To promo their losing flake graphite stocks. They never mention the fact that there are at least 150-200 flake companies out their all biting at the bit trying to get recognized. They never mention that to reach the same purity as Zenyatta they have to produce "spherical graphite and totally depending on the process, damage the flakes and lose 40-500% of their feed stock(ie- you need 5 units of feed stock to produce 1 unit of spherical???

You see one of their problems is they cannot promo their own stock as a spherical producer, if they did then the published 43-101 that seems big enough to be good for a mine, has to be discounted 40% to 5 times the actual production quantity. So they continually articulate their ability to produce spherical in a petri-dish but, they never tell you that if they actually do pursue their spherical dream, then the 43-101 is useless for financing and a PFS!!!

This all really ruins "their story". If you knew, as an investor, that they will not get the financing for spherical and will NEVER be a mine, you would not invest, would you? So the flake supporters like The Street Sweeper and others like Fulp (a paid parrot), don't want you to understand this. They just want you to believe that their flaker choices can do spherical and oh by the way we have enough graphite to be a mine...... but a mine of what? $1500 graphite? Hmmmm perhaps this is why they are sitting at pennies while ZENYATTA is at $3.50+

You have heard "the market is always right", right? Well it appears that this only applies if you don't own flake stocks. Because if you do, then the market is obviously wrong. You see their are lots of people who are paid big bucks to suck you into flake stocks, Mickey Fulp is a prime example. The guy gets paid $4000 a month to do dog and pony shows and promo the flaker's that pay him. ZENYATTA does not pay Fulp so he craps on it. If ZENyatta did pay him he would be barking another tune.

Look for people that have NO vested interest when you read things about Zenyatta. Why have brokerages not followed Zenyatta? Simple, they got shafted on the flaker's and did not understand what made Zenyatta different. So they figured ZEN was just another flaker.

I own a lot of ZEN, so I am bias as well. BUt unless they have changed the rules (and they have not) a 43-101 is based on drill holes. If you have a calculator and half a clue you can do the math to find that ZEN will be a mine based on the east pipe alone. We are drilling the West pipe now.

When the flakers get really upset they start questioning infrastructure. Read the ZEN website we are so close to all needed infrastructure that the only thing flakers can say if they are a little closer is we are "too far" lol We are less then 50kms to everything, 30kms to Gas electricity etc etc.

The next thing flakers try is to tell you that the CEO had a bad go with the last stock he was managing. Geezus thats 90% of the CEOs on the VSE for gawds sake. Not every company hits it big, all tend to die if they do not!

The next thing is their 43-101 which I have mentioned. Nary shall you see a flaker discuss wastage and spherical in the same breath. Because if they did, they would never get financing. So they have to tell you that they are going after the $8000 graphite market when doing the promo, but they have to tell the financiers the $1500 graphite market or they do not have enough resource to qualify as a mine. So who is conning who here???

Another thing they will NEVER tell you about their flake stock is they have not tried to make spherical at commercial levels, period. They hope you assume that the pertri dish trial at 99% will translate into commercial levels of production.

What is truly hilarious is Zenyatta has to "prove we have a market for our graphite, but they do not? They say, that their spherical is good enough for batteries..... really? Who has bought their graphite for Batteries?? Where are their offtake agreements? They say they can supply this market, yet, commercial production has not been achieved or EVER achieved using their process. So as long as they stay in "petri dishes", they can produce $8000 graphite ROTFLMAO!

Wondering why the flake's are at 35c? Read the above AGAIN, because that's why they are there and we are where we are!!

Flakers will never mention competition either. Just BUY there 3 Fav's on the VS!!

Why won't they mention their competition. Zenyatta does. They mention Sri Lanka all the time. So why aren't flake'rs doing that? Maybe, just maybe because there are AT LEAST 150-200 companies DOING EXACTLY the same thing. All of them are trying to make spherical all are trying not to mention wastage and all of them are trying to convince you they will do the $8K market?

The fact is, if ZEN's graphite is as stated "Vein/Lump/Hydrothermal" which has been stated over and over again by the company. Then the Caustic Bake will be simple, and to put it bluntly will make every FLAKER a duffer, period.

People then say, "YA BUT" Caustic Bake has not been done commercially either. That's true and the reason for that is NOTHING ON THE PLANET HAS BEEN THIS EASY TO REFINE BEFORE! There is no RISK to Caustic Bake but they will try to make you think there is! Why, their flaker stocks are turds and they know it. That's why!

Disclosure: I am long OTCQX:ZENYF.

Additional disclosure: I have been with this stock since it was .18c and will be with it till its $16.00 I am not a broker, I have received NO MONEY FROM ANYONE to write about this stock. I run a conflict Free website, which is more than I can say about the "Analysts the flakers use"!