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Joe Kernan on CNBC does not understand why the Protestors are Protesting ?

Thats because Joe does not understand period.
Joe says that he sees nothing to either protest, or in most cases why they are protesting people that he thinks don't deserve it.

Here is the answer Joe. The protestors know there are criminals in the Banking Society, they know that there are criminals in virtually every part of the Sub Prime scam. The trouble is, your government has not bothered to identify and charge those people that scammed the US economy of billions, perhaps trillions.

So who do they picket? Pick a name any name! You are all part of what they perceive is wall street. So they are trying to find someone to vent too.

CNBC has done NOTHING to identify the criminals that committed fraud. Your government has done NOTHING either, so really Joe, what do you expect?

How about getting off your ass and start identify the fruadsters in S&P Moodys and Fitch for a start? Go ahead Joe do something useful for a change.