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Europes Banking Stress Test

Is it just me, ot does anyone else feel like they are being handed a load of bullshit day in and day out?

I remember clearly being told by Trichet that the stress tests for European banks was stringent and they could handle "anything that comes there way". So were Bankers/Gov officials lieing again? 

So when Jamie Dimon goers around huffing and puffing that the banks are being blamed for no reason, his comments are taken the same as any other bankers comments.

Banks had and still have, Rating agencies in their back pockets as well as accounting firms. Literally every American accounting firm has been part of a fraud in a company through poor audits and poor accoiunting programs being in place.

So who do yopu trust?Jamie Dimon, not firrign likely!!

Has anyone actually asked how Goldman Sachs paid their $10billion back? Was it cash or does Freddie and Fanny hold $10billion more of mortgage crap?

Leaving out the facts is the same as lieing.