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CNBC dumber then a stump part 10

|Includes: GS, JPM, Morgan Stanley (MS)

I always get a laugh out of what they perceive to be injustices in the system. Cramer and others are villifying zerohedge for an article on MS that they believe was totally inaccurate and caused damage to people that were holding MS.

Totally disgusting, shouldn't be allowed, yes sir, this is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

Yesterday the Guardian (Media) leaked an article that said a 2 trillion Euro resuce plan had been agreed to by Merkel and Sarkozy. The market took off, went nuts,
Cramers and others PFs jumped. NOT A WORD on this, not a single word., What was said was caveatged with a "chuckle".

Its not just wall street people should be picketing, its this station that continually works the table the way they want too.