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Citigroup gets away with murder

|Includes: Citigroup Inc. (C)

Once again, the SEC who obviously live off of cheap settlements and fiuture employment decides to let Citi off with a slap on the wrist($285million) for their blatant selling of mortgage crap to clients, and then shorting it. Shades of GS part 2. No one fired, no one held responsible, the cronies continue the Ponzi.

Its irrelevant that people commited suicide, lost their house, their job, familes, its all about "getting this behind us" and making sure the SEC has money to pay these wonderful high price lawyers that work their until they get the job with the same banks.

This is better then zerohedge making accusations against MS? This is the "American punishment system at work"? what a joke. What a moral catastrophy, what are you doing to your fellow Americans?