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Finally!! FInally CNBC Gets a CLUE!!!

|Includes: BAC, Citigroup Inc. (C), GS, JPM, MS, WFC

Instead of supporting what we call "distorted capitalism" they finally, and I MEAN FINALLY started to discuss how to return to "true capitalism", this morning.. WELL CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Don't stop now you bunch of misfits, keep going its EASY

1) Get the SEC off their ass and start buiding trust, enforce FASB rules and regulations and have FASB ensure we are getting accurate data. Most believe Banks are working their books and will continue to do so until they get caught.
2) Start cleaning house of the incompetent criminals that got us here.
3) Get rid of "buddy boards" that donate shareholder money to incompetent CEOS and incompetent Boards. Go back to performance based rewards.
4) Spend less time blaming shareholders. You guys YAP continually that if you don't like how a company is run, SELL THE STOCK. So what that leaves is funds who operate on inside information, trade on inside information and work on the prinicples of distorted capitalism holding the stock. That allows all the trough feeding funds, CEOs, BoDs  to create a company that survives for the benefit of those in control.

I am tired of Kernen supporting what we call "Distorted Capitalism". No one begrudges profits, we only brgrude profits that we cannot trace, cannot prove occured, and are siphoned off to the trough feeders. Then when the con is discovered the bandits have retired with millions and whats left is a shell, that new people continually try to suck dry for their retirement.

Leadership in Business is ZERO in the USA. You have the Zoo Animals runnning the ZOO

Get with it!