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I love the ad "You can't fool this group" (CNBC)

|Includes: C, GS, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), WFC

Lets see.....
They continue to interview people that are considered to be "market gurus" even after they have been heavily fined for either manipulating a stock, front running their customers, or violatiing conflict of interest rules. If you have had  a $100,000,000 fine from the SEC it was a settlement not an admission of guilt. So they continue to interview people that "settled".

They persist in ignoring the problem and when someone like Rattigan shows up to try and identify the criminals, and pursue the wrong doers, they shft him off of the daily market show because it could be "bad for the market"

They do the bidding of Immelt who is a staunch Democrat and do not pursue anything that could possibly cause the market to stall or go down. They dismiss any doom and gloomers as if they are whackos. They continually give front and center positions to people who believe the market will do amazing things, yet never question them as to how this can occur when the same bandits are in charge of the banks. The same auditors fixing books and the same BoDs paying themselves Billions to lose money?

They never question the idea that perhaps their perception of capitalism has slowly been distorted to what we call "distorted capitalism"
They believe that at all costs capitalism is the pursuit of profit no matter how it is achieved. So the firing of 1000 workers in a company is seen as being a good thing because they may meet EPS next quarter.

Distorted Capitalism is, when EPS has become the defining issue of failure or success. So firing people to preserve EPS is what the USA has become all about.

In the pursuit of Profits, it is now irrelevant to CNBC that the quality of thise profits are being polluted by lost jobs. It is far better to announce a "Beat" of earnings expectations then it is to not beat and preserve 2000 jobs. So CNBC who assumes their ass is the center of the business world is setting the standard and repeating it et nausieum that the only way to get good coverage is to "Beat" because "Beat is better then Jobs"

No you can't "fool this group" because they are a group of fools!