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Langone on CNBC this AM

Look at all the good things happening  I will give your three (Lagone then ryhmes off his own Portfolio. (Nice Pump)
There are so many good things happening out there. Everyone is adding everyone is positive. Yet, not a word about your buddy Jon Corzine?
Is he the next Bernie Madoff or Raj? Nor likely, you guys hounded Madoff and Raj 24/7 fo the news. But now, one of the "inner circle" gets nabbed with his hand in the till, and not a word is said? Strange how that works. CNBC not even talking about Corzine.... at all. Cover up?

So, the same criminals are in charge of the banks. The same in charge of the rating agencies. The same policies that allowed them to become criminals, are still in effect. There is Trillions of extra money out there that belongs to Tax payers trying to create Gross Domestic Product. THAT EVERYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN knows leaves, once the Gov stops.
Everyday we watch FTS and HST systems pop and drop these markets everyday all for 1/4 pennies. We watch most people recommend stocks that then say to use some calls or puts to offset any risk.
This is no longer an investors market! It has not been since the criminals took over the controls of the game. Does anyone think for a minute the Pelosi got greased for $100K + on an IPO from Visa and someone in Gov did not pass the info onto GS, BAC, MS, and all your other "friends" and political cronies?

Insider trading for Martha Stewaret deserves jail, the same  insider trading by political leaders is okay!
Insider information is illegal for everyone that is not in the inner political or 1% click.

Two sets of rules, one for those that make the big money, with insider tips, and criminal activites and another set for the people you want to call "Investors".

If you are doing something illegal and make $1 billion and are fined $300million are you no longer a criminal? Who levies the fine? Gee, wannabe Brokerage peeps in the SEC, no conflict there? 

Langone wants to know why people do not want to invest? Here is the answer their whiz kid? The place is run by a bunch of criminals, plain and simple. The criminals have stripped Joe of his house, his retirement and his enjoyment of life, and you want him to put his money back in the hands of these jokers?

What bothers me Langone is you were part of the NYSE, you could have stopped the spoofing, the bid rigging, you could have contributed to stopping the crap that goes on in the markets. You chose not too. You are not in the minority, you are in the majority.

Everyone knows whats wrong. Blame the Whitehouse all you want! Its a way that you do not have to clean up your own backyard.  Remove the criminals from the Exchanges and then deal with the people in Gov that do nothing. That is the order, not the other way around.

You are no better then the rest of them, you see no criminals in the Financial system and all of the problems in the Whitehouse... shades of Mayor Bloomberg! You guys stick together like glue.

Whats a shame is either you are brainwashed and actually believe what you say, or you do not know what you are talking about. One or the other.