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Jon Corzine.. Where are you??

I always find CNBC coverage amazing. There "experts" in some cases have paid thousands of dollars in fine for various infractions of the securtities law, some "hundreds of thousands". They are interviewed as the "Masters of the Markets" and given adoration for their wisdom.

 I remember an Oprah show where a guy claimed to be "a down and outer" and dragged himself out of the gutter and wrote a book. Oprah was so impressed she brought him on her show to illustrate to the world how this man, came from the low and pulled himself up. He was a roll model, a Master of the life change" if you will.

Well it was found out this guy embelished his story to sell books.  She apologized to her audience and pursued this guy. So much that she hounded him to get him back on the show.

Strange isn't it? Corzine has been on CNBC numerous times, yet they do not go after him to defend himself on air, apologize to viewers for holding  this guy  up as some sort of "Master".
CNBC does not demand their pro's be pure? They can be  security violators,  just pay the fine and we will not mention it, thats the rule?
 In fact if they did say, no securities violators allowed, there stock of experts would be minimzed significantly.

So what about Corzine? They do not keep this Corzine thing front and center to keep the pressure on the agencies involved! Even though they know  jobs, and cusotmers are folding like deck chairs on the titanic? CNBC? not a word!

In fact CNBC does nothing. Its the premier business channel that wants to "promo the market as much as possible" and hold themselves out as being the "market savvy network with highly knoweldgable people", yet.... they let this one slide?

No demands for righting an injustice to the customers and employees  of MF Global. Just total silence.
Corzine has been in hiding for 24 days and not a word on this story. Politics and Money at work?