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“We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” — Quill Intelligence Interview Series, Peter Boockvar

Before being swept away by the Wind, before Dorothy Gale was cast, E. Yip Harburg saved Oz from the blight of trite, avoiding repeats of fantastical box office flops of the era. 1939’s original conception of The Wizard of Oz would have featured a Scarecrow so dimwitted his skills were limited to shooing cackling crows from cornfields. And the Tin Woodman was such a hardened criminal, he’d been sentenced to spend the rest of his days confined to a tin suit. Thanks to Harburg’s uncredited final script writing, the scene that follows Toto ripping back the curtain has virtuous lessons we carry with us to this day. And I mean “we” in the most universal sense. According to the Library of Congress, the film is the most seen in history. There was no let down in the “Wizard” being exposed as nothing more than an ordinary middle-aged machine operator hiding behind a booming microphone. He truly is ‘a good man but a bad wizard,’ an attribute about which we need no convincing after he gives the Scarecrow a diploma, the cowardly Lion a medal and the Tin Man a ticking heart-shaped watch.

This week we bring you the wit and wisdom of Peter Boockvar, Bleakley Advisory Group’s Chief Investment Officer and dear friend to QI. In fact, it was Peter who suggested this week’s theme for our second installment of the Quill Intelligence Interview Series. We proposed he answer one immense question with regards to the stock market: “Is Risk Dead?” Peter’s reply: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

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