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Alternative To Buying Homes At All Time Highs - Low Counter Party Risk Available In Land

|Includes: Gladstone Land Corporation (LAND)

The stock market, bond market, and real estate market have been on a tear. Any prudent person would be warry that a top could be in place. Bull markets can continue much longer than one can imagine as well.

It is prudent to think about capital preservation. In the event of a meltdown in the derivitives markets it is possible stock exchanges and banks could take a holliday. As many witnessed in "The Big Short" The invetsors who bet correctly on the housing decline almost didn't get paid due to counterparty risk.

We all know that physical Gold is the ultimate in having zero counterparty risk. I would venture to say nothing else can touch it. But its never a good idea to go all in on one investment. Especially one that can be stolen. Here is where the next best option lies. Land. Land is virtually indestructible and cannot be stolen easily (only under adverse possession). The county recorders office will always have the owners name in their system and you will have a grant deed.

It is true you can request your stock shares in certificate form, but if there is a shock to the system those shares cannot be redeemed for a period of time under market closure. Much worse if there are many claims on the same share a real possibility under High Frequency Trading.

The problem with land is that you must pay property taxes, and other fees while holding. In that regard it is an unproductive assett. But we are buying it for its stability and security.

It would make sense to buy undeveloped or land with minimal carrying costs. You would not want to pay high Home Owners fees, school, water, sewer taxes either.