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The Big Short Effect

Has the big short caused the sell off? Will Mr. Lewis be responsible for savings many investors from losing their savings to inflated assett bubble investing?

I hope the answer is yes and that many people see the limited upside in stocks at the curent time. The market has had some large up and down days since final quarter of 2015. The first few days of January have been particulalry violent to the downside.

With that said I expect the market to move up big tomorrow. Nothing moves in a straight line, but tomorrow may be a good time to take some profits off the table and sit out the next leg down.

In times like this I think trading currencies could be a particuallry exciting time. If you follow trends such as the turtle trader system you may take many small losses, but will be in for the big moves. In 2008 the turtle trader returned 200%. Even though it has been 7 years 2008 feels just like yesterday to me and the conditions that existed then seem to exist now.