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Our Currency- A Prisoners Dilemna

|Includes: GLD, IEF, IEI, SPY, PowerShares DB USD Bear ETF (UDN), UUP

PIMCO head Bill Gross on the dollar-

"I think the dollar is an over-owned currency. The Chinese, the Asians have basically owned too many dollars for too long. Let's face it, a lower dollar is basically a protectionist barrier. The Chinese are earning zero percent on their Treasury bills or close to it, and they're suffering a depreciating currency at the same time. So their assets are going down by 5 percent to 10 percent a year."

I couldn't agree more, except the dollar is probably due for a bounce at some point soon (more of a trading sentiment than an investing sentiment). Both political parties have favored a weak currency for years. It pushes up prices on imports and drives up earnings of large multi-nationals. Eventually the Chinese are going to get fed up and start dumping our currency/treasuries. Once that happens all hell will break loose.