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|Includes: Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (ACOR), ADMS, BMRN, ECYT


This week's Marketplace postings include interviews with experts discussing assets from: ECYT, BMRN, ADMS, ACOR.

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Transcript 1: Evaluating the Market potential of Endocyte's Lu-PSMA-617 as a 3rd line treatment for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer

Ticker: ECYT

Call Date: 05/25/2018

Who's the Expert?

  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor in Surgery, and Associate Professor in Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke.
  • Treats 100-125 patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
  • Research focuses on predictors of sensitivity and clinical efficacy of therapies in advanced prostate cancer, cancer biomarkers, and pharmacodynamic/translational studies in prostate, kidney, bladder cancer.

Interview Goal:

To discuss the market potential of Lu-PSMA-617, a radioligand therapy (RLT) being developed by Endocyte that utilizes a high affinity targeting ligand to direct potent radiotherapy to prostate cancer cells.

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TRANSCRIPT 2: Exploring the market potential for BioMarin's Pegvaliase in treating phenylketonuria (PKU)

Ticker: BMRN

Call Date: 05/25/2018

Who's the Expert?

  • Director, PKU Program and Professor of Pediatrics (Genetics, Birth Defects, and Metabolism), Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

  • Currently manages 260 patients with Phenylketonuria (PKU).

  • Has participated in numerous clinical trials of new therapies for metabolic disorders including PKU, lysosomal storage disorders and fatty acid oxidation defects and has authored over 200 articles in the peer-reviewed literature.

Interview Goal:

To dig into the PKU treatment landscape and examine where Pegvaliase fits in.

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TRANSCRIPT 3: A Third Look: Exploring the market potential for treatments in the Parkinson's Disease Space including Gocovri with a Prescribing Physician

Ticker: ADMS, ACOR

Call Date: 05/24/2018

Who's the Expert?

  • Associate Professor of Neurology, Medical Director, Deep Brain Stimulation Program & Director of the Neurotoxin Injection Program at OHSU.
  • Currently treats 200 patients with Parkinson's Disease.
  • Research focuses on detection and neuroprotective interventions for Parkinson’s disease; member of the national Parkinson Study Group and the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society for over two decades.

Interview Goal: To give investors a better understanding of the success of Gocovri for PD dyskinesia since launch.

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