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AT&T Beware! The 100 Million Dollar Bit In Your Mouth! It Is A Diversion!

It never ceases to amaze me that smaller companies can have the bit in the mouth and the reins in their hands to control much larger companies. A 100 million dollar carrot in front of the AT&T horse is nothing more than keeping the SP giant from developing their own CDN. By offering them or "guaranteeing" that they will make 100 million over however many years is a drop in the bucket compared to the losses that Akamai would suffer if AT&T competed against them with their own internal CDN. If AT&T sold no services on their, I mean the co-branded Akamai CDN, it would be a good investment to keep them from developing anything on their own. AT&T for one are their own biggest client, the money they would save after the initial investment in their own technology is huge, Lets not even consider what terminating peering agreements would do to outside CDN providers.. It is a win-win for Akamai for sure, they get the name AT&T, they keep them from investing in their own future, they keep them on the hook for distributing uVerse and they get deeper in to the last mile with their CDN.. GO AKAMAI! At the end of the day 100 million dollars won't cost Akamai a cent and they will more than make up for it 100 times over if they get inside the AT&T network and like I said without AT&T even having to sell a thing!