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Market Glance Report On Housing Loans statistics shared by Turkey's most comprehensive mortgage loan Mortgage Loans Market Overview Report "is published in July 2012

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Market Glance Report on Housing Loans (in Turkish Konut kredisi piyasasına bakış) housing loan demand and extension data which were analyzed by the July 2012 issue of the report has many stunning results:

1. Extraordinary tightening in monetary policy easing slightly lowered interest rates on housing loans but increased competition between banks.

During last year, the effects of the tight monetary policy applied by the Central Bank of Turkey until March 2012 severely felt. March-May 2012 period of the loan (in Turkish kredi) rates due to economic uncertainties caused a partial improvement. Due to competition between banks fell below 1% in market interest rates again.

2. At the beginning of 2012 decreasing volume of housing loan have begun to increase by the March.

Housing loan (in Turkish konut kredisi) volume growth trend in the last 3 months has been recovered due to loan rates. However, the annual growth is still half the level of 25% set by the Central Bank in 2011.

3. According to GDP, the ratio of the people who have been tracked by the bank has dropped to below 1% by the end of 2011 and will continue to drop

Respectively, housing loans to GDP ratio is %5.6 at the end of first quarter in 2012. This rate is the provision of the Central Bank which was dated June 28, 2012 «very small» despite qualifies as a decline in the last three quarters. NPL ratios increased in the last quarter of all consumer loans (in Turkish ihtiyaç kredisi) while housing loans dropped by 8%.

4. Demand for housing loans of about 3 out of 4 individuals under 40 years of age and the last quarter of creating increased demand from individuals over the age of 40

The share of consumers' demand has increased over the age of 40. 30 years old is 15% lower than the average amount of credit for consumers are demanding.

5. The share of housing loans (in Turkish konut kredisi) is increasing demand for high-income individuals

Household who has income of $ 3,000 or more has increased demand for housing loans

6. The first quarter of 2012 slightly increased their share of the Aegean and Mediterranean region.

Showing a significant increase in the first quarter of the year, in Mersin, Antalya, Aydin and İzmir the total share of housing loans extended to the provinces of the Aegean and Mediterranean region. Since the beginning of 2012, housing loans increased the most of the provinces Osmanabad, Mardin and Diyarbakir.

7. With the decline in interest rates, increasing the purchasing power of the average housing price increased maturity and requested

Increasing the purchasing power of a decrease in interest rates, demand for higher-priced homes directed, together with a decrease in the costs of long-term loans( in Turkish kredi), consumers have preferred more., a free service to consumers who want to buy housing loans in Turkey is an independent consulting company credit. Discount on mortgage loan products of the bank introduces a large number of expert staff, making the interest calculations compares the answers to all your questions about credit and credit process will follow.

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