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MST Next Gen Traders: Kevin Caldwell

Kevin Caldwell

Trader Intern | Main Street Trading


Kevin is actively pursuing an undergraduate degree in Finance from Michigan State University. He has experience as an intern for a Wealth Management Firm in New Jersey, and is actively involved in Michigan State University's football team where he works as a student manager. Kevin has a strong understanding of equity analysis, consumer psychology, and the global financial markets. His interests include consumer trends, Michigan State athletics, and golfing.

How Kevin became an investor

After taking an economics class Sophomore year of highschool, I became fascinated with the laws of supply and demand, and its direct correlation to global money flow. By reading about these concepts, I was able to learn about macroeconomics and international currencies. I awed at how businesses compete daily to gain a bigger market share. As time progressed I began following analyst valuations on equities and trends in different sectors. Reading analyst reports and processing their information allowed me to form opinions of my own. This allowed me to create valuations and analyze prospective investments, which I do by working with Main Street Trading today.

What's your take on global investments?

I see commodities as healthy investments for the future, I see gold refineries, miners, and explorers doing well. To go along with this I believe the price of crude oil per barrel will continue to rise leading to higher profit margins for oil companies. To go along with this, the U.S is increasing their natural gas exports which will lead to U.S profits.

With all of this being said, I remain skeptical on the U.S economy in the short run. With differences in companies reported adjusted earnings, there is variation between securities reported earnings. GAAP earnings have been declining particularly through 2016.

As I stated in a previous article, I believe Starbucks to be a particularly strong investment for the future. I believe their deal with Anheuser- Busch, as well as their new iced coffee based menu will lead the stock to new highs.

Advice to young investors
I strongly advise young investors to be attentive. For me, following market conditions as well as reading anything and everything available have been extremely helpful! Yahoo Finance is a great tool and I use it daily. Two books, One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch, as well as A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel have been extremely beneficial for me.