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Market's Increasing News Speed into Big Wed

Remember 2008, when VIX went through the roof and everything seemed to move at warp speed?

The market is nowhere near that state yet, but things feel like they're speeding up, with earnings reports, emerging markets (Shanghai index is down -2.4% tonight as I write this), and financial reform and political issues all contributing to the increasing speed. 

It's getting harder to juggle as things start to move faster, and to me, that makes for bigger risk.  Just on Wed, Jan 27, there's the State of the Union; Fed FOMC; Apple tablet; CAT, QCOM, and many others reporting; etc.  In trying to keep up, you can go from earnings calls to "Fast Money" to reading an economic prof on Fed exit strategy and financial reform. 

So you have to triage on what you can focus on (maybe I should drop the profs ).  And the one thing I always have to make time for is a chart review, which to me is still the fastest way of at least trying to put the disparate pieces together into some sort of semi-coherent viewpoint in enough time to be able to try to do something about it.