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Roubini, Good Time to Pay Attention to Again

I'd like to suggest that it's time to seriously start paying closer attention to the currently out-of-favor Nouriel Roubini at his site.  With the increase in global risks from sovereign credit (Greece, etc) and emerging market tightening (China, India, etc), his site is very relevant again.  I don't know if he will be right, but he's definitely someone I consider very worth monitoring, most especially as markets become more shaky.

Roubini rapidly spiraled out of favor last year with traders and investors (Wall Street never liked Roubini, indicated in his spat with Cramer) by not getting the recovery and rally right, starting in March 2009.  I juxtaposed Roubini's failure to "get with the program" with ECRI's strong bullishness in a July 26 article, "ECRI vs. Roubini, Round Two."

Roubini's fall from grace was particularly notable, because he was in my opinion arguably far more right than any mainstream economic analyst from Aug 2007 to Mar 2009, certainly more so than any highly credentialed (Harvard Ph.D.) academic economist. 

Roubini not only got the crisis right, he was probably the earliest and best at putting hard numbers on the magnitude of the financial system losses, something I highly valued at the time, in fact even he consistently underestimated the numbers.  Nitpicking by some critics of his being early with his crisis call was far less important, in comparison..

Roubini's popularity zoomed, he made a huge number of media appearances, he got as close to rock star status as an academic economist can, he may have been the biggest media beneficiary of the crisis, along with Meredith Whitney. 

Though it's long been a subscription site, there is still very useful free commentary in the Economonitors for registered users.  I have been reading Roubini since the Asian financial crisis in 1997, when it was a free academic clearninghouse for articles on that crisis.