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Why It’s Time To Double Up Your Investment In The Cloud Sector

Last year was really the first year that cloud technology really exploded. Suddenly, individuals had access to their own cloud storage spaces through sites like Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon. While some services had been offering such space for several years, it wasn't until the concept of the cloud came around that many people saw this as a viable alternative to taking their files with them on flash drives. At this very time, businesses also began switching to a cloud-based system, taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. In 2016, many people expect the cloud-based approaches to become even more popular. Here are five different reasons why this coming year is the time to double up on your investment in the cloud.

Cloud Analytics will become Common place

With more and more apps making use of the cloud for one reason or another, it's going to generate a huge amount of data. This data can be analyzed to determine everything from customer shopping habits to popular music to when people eat and much, much more. Businesses are going to want to be using this information on a daily basis. Even better, as these analytics grow and become more useful, they're going to be easier to access. The end result will be user data that provides an accurate snapshot of a business's customer almost up to the second it was generated.

Cloud PBX will Free Employees from their Desks

Cloud PBX forms a seamless communication system with the least maintenance and low operating costs. Few of the highlighted cloud PBX's features enclose excellent voice quality and easy cloud syncronisation. These features will allow businesses to free their employees from their desks-they can use Cloud PBX to receive all of their business calls through voice over IP, allowing them to take their virtual office phone with them wherever they go. They can route calls through their laptops, tablets, or even their personal cell phones. The office desk phone will be made obsolete thanks to the cloud.

In addition to giving employees more freedom, this move also helps the budget. Phone systems are expensive to install and maintain, but there's nothing to buy with a Cloud PBX system. Everything is done online, so the only potential purchases would be headsets for employees to use. Cloud PBX also includes video chats, too, making it possible to hold virtual meetings with employees around the world. This saves on travel and accommodation costs.

Small Businesses Will Love the Cloud

Small businesses will start to take more and more advantage of what the cloud has, experts predict, in the coming years. That's because the cloud makes use of software as a service model, which has several benefits:

  • It can be scaled instantly, so businesses that experience sudden growth won't have as many growing pains.
  • It's dynamic-if a business decides it needs to focus on a different solution, the cloud can respond instantly by creating tailored solutions for any IT issue.
  • Software providers can push security patches, react to business needs, and faster and with fewer barriers between them and the business.

Better Security

Some people expect there to be more security violations with cloud computing because they see the cloud is more vulnerable, but while the rapid emergence of the cloud does mean that security is going to have to grow with it, the cloud may actually prove to be more secure than individual servers. That's because there are many different ways to secure the cloud. While no system is completely invulnerable, the cloud will only become more secure as more and more businesses move to using it and more security services start focusing on cloud-based protection.

The Cloud Makes Business Mobile

Laptops and flash drives allowed employees to pack up and go, but they were often limited by what data they could take with them, especially when customer information and other highly secure data was concerned. With the cloud, this is no longer an issue. There's nothing to pack up and go because everything the employee would need can be accessed at any point. This has a number of benefits. Employees can work on-site much more easily, and telecommuting is even more of an option now than it was before. It's also easier for employees to move around the office, allowing for the flexible workspaces that employees have been asking for, and to even move the entire office if need by.

Changing Needs, Changing Landscapes

As business needs continue to grow and evolve, new technology emerges to help meet those needs. As one of those new technologies, the cloud is still relatively young, but it has already proven itself as a solution to many business needs. With its many different applications and benefits to businesses, it's easy to see why now is the time to double down on your investment in the cloud. Are you going to?