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Japanese Stock Market: Bubbles And Why The Small Investor Remains Scared

The NIKKEI 225 (INDEXNIKKEI:NI225) dropped 1,060.23 (-7.32%) to close at 14,483.98 last night. This was after a 30% rise in their stock market in the last 6 months. These type of sharp declines are a result of market bubbles built by Central Bank intervention. In the case of Japan and the Nikkei, the Japanese Central Bank has printed even more money than the Federal Reserve.

Bubble after bubble and bust after bust, the average investor is starting to get savvy. When a stock market can drop over 7% in one day and it is no big deal because it is just a small correction, something is wrong. In addition, the average investor gets in late to the party, usually near the highs. Therefore, the drop actually hurts them the most, often causing substantial losses.

Bottom line is, investors are usually screwed by buying high and selling low. They know the game Wall Street plays with pumping the markets and are finally saying 'enough is enough!'

F#ck Wall Street and start making more money than the institutions who rape the average investor.

Gareth Soloway<