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GCKO Update

The following are some updates since my last post. 
7/8/10 – GeckoSystem Int’l announced that the international market research firm, Markets and Markets, forecasted $21 billion in annual sales for the global service robotics market by end of 2014.
06/30/10 - GeckoSystem Int’l announced that they are now soliciting retail dealers for their first product, an elder care capable personal assistant robot, the CareBot™. The press release also mentioned the article in the January 2007 issue of "Scientific American," entitled "A Robot in Every Home" authored by Bill Gates which includes discussions as to why he expects that reality sooner than later.
6/21/1010 - GeckoSystem Int’l announced that a major US telecommunications company considers GeckoSystems to have strategic fit within their New Solutions Group. Due to on-going negotiations, the name of the future partner was not disclosed.
I still firmly believe that the future looks promising for the CareBot™ and this device will have a significant impact on the lifestyles of our future generations of elderly. The timing for setting up distributorships now, in my opinion, is aligned with the needs of the aging baby boomer population. Who knows, a CareBot™ in the homes of aging baby boomers could be a part of the realm of reality projected by Bill Gates.  Besides, as soon as one of the “big boys” discovers the potential of this stock and begins making purchases, the doors for the other big players will swing wide open and the share price we see today will be left behind in the dust of the stampede.
The future prospect of the CareBot™ continues to excite me and I hope I can acquire more GCKO stock before this hidden gem is uncovered.

It closed green today – is the steam starting to build?
Remember, since GCKO is a penny stock it is a risky investment and the price of the stock is subject to rapid fire up/down fluctuations. Remember the importance of doing your own Due Diligence before investing your money in this or any other stock and do not base your Buy/Sell decisions on the opinions and comments of LA Stock Talk.

Disclosure: LA Stock Talk is Long GCKO