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ETF portfolio May 30 th. 2011

I have added a new feature to my Excel sheet. This new feature is to give you the Entry and Exit points for the tracked indicies. However, please consider your risk and stop orders if you decide to trade on these signals. A good signal is no good without a stop.

Since Feb we have been going nowhere in equities and it is the worst of all situations for my model. Despite of that, the returns have still been satisfacory and Equities are contributing to the return in the portfolio.

Most indicies are back in neutral zones and the range before a signal is getting quite wide. I remain short DAX, but will most likely be stopped out on the slightest up tick.

Bond markets remain bullish and I have moved back into German TIPS and we are very close to buying into US Tips again.

Long bonds are seeing a nice little rally forming and could go higher. Be carefull in selecting the underlying though. Greece is an ever increasing problem and being long any European bond may turn out to be very costly.

Gold and Copper traded strongly last week and I am long both again. Silver is a long way from new buy signals and I will stay away for a long time. The gold / silver ratio need to go back to historic corrolation before I consider Silver a good long term investment again. Short term, there may be some good plays after summer.

Oil seem range bound and I am biased toward lower prices.