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ETF Portfolio Aug 5 th. 2011

Given the dramatic events this week I thought I would make an update already today. In relative terms it has been a very good week for my portfolio and the model have proven that it will stear you clear of the most dramatic events - No guarantees though!

Cash is king again, and I prefer holding CHF, CAD, AUD and USD to JPY or EUR.

All indicies are now bearish. I was out of cash, so while I should be short Nasdaq I am not. But I did add to my short DAX yesterday at 57,40 . Which now is equal to my stop profit level.

US treasuries are up +8% in the long end since the begining of the week. Seems a bit excesive. I expect it will drop back toward 100 on the TLT again and have set a stop profit at 102,26.

All in all the TIPs should be falling in this scenario, yet it seems markets are expecting stagflation. Keeping tight stops on these indicies as I suspect they may drop on further macro signs of recession.

I was stopped out with a profit in Gold and a small loss in Silver yesterday. I have no entry point in gold currently and Silver seem to be too far away from a new buy signal.