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Weitz Value Fund, Some New Positions And Another Market Valuation Warning - Your Daily Superinvestor Reading

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Dear Superinvestor Bulletin Follower,

I can't get the recent market valuation analysis that Goldman Sachs did out of my mind.

What the Goldman numbers say is that the market has rarely been this expensive. You might point to free cash flow metric which is the one that actually looks ok and suggest that it is free cash flow that matters...

You would have a point....but the only reason free cash flow valuations are still reasonable is that corporations have been paying next to nothing on borrowed money.

If you think that interest rates are never going to rise then I'll grant you that stock valuations might not be as bad as some of those valuation metrics look.

But it seems to me like the risk is pointed in only one direction.

I came across another pretty well respected firm warning about valuations yesterday. This time it was the folks at Weitz (the other Omaha value investor) suggesting that the market was not loaded with bargains.

Here are the exact words from Weitz:

We have no doubt, though, that just as stocks and bonds have been mispriced on the high side recently, they will be mispriced on the low side again someday.

The key phrase would be "mispriced on the high side" in stocks need to come down to be properly valued.

The entire Weitz letter is available through the link below. The firm goes through their largest positions and details a few companies that they still believe are attractive enough to purchase today.

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This is the second longest bull market ever, and every other bull run that has lasted this long was followed by a brutal bear market. I don't know when it is coming, but I feel pretty confident that it is.

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Reese Morgan

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