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The great gold and silver ETF Scam - You've got to laugh

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), SLV

Here is an excerpt from Adrian Douglas's recent excellent article; The explosive dynamics of the gold and silver markets:

'Why are the entities that hold the largest short positions on the planet custodians of the bullion depositories for the largest ETFs? That's like putting a sex offender in charge of the day care center or Bernie Madoff in charge of your company pension fund.

The argument against holding physical bullion yourself has always been the risk it might get stolen while in your possession. But the risk of holding bullion substitutes is that it already has been stolen or never existed.

The precious metals market is now akin to a game of musical chairs with perhaps only one chair for every 20 players. It might be prudent to follow in the footsteps of Germany, Hong Kong, China, and Greenlight Capital and get your chair before the music stops.'

Its a serious message given in a very funny way.

Disclosure: Long on Gold and Silver mining stocks, no ETF's