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What Can We Expect From The EUR/USD Today?

EUR/USD rises for the third straight day boosted by Tuesday's Draghi words. The crossover has risen today near 60 pips, rising in the European morning to new highs of 13 months in 1.1435. The crossover seems well underpinned, more if you take into account that, in general, Eurozone confidence data for June have presented results above expectations. Traders will be keenly ahead of the publication of German inflation and the annualized GDP of the United States.

Danske Bank senior analyst Jens Perdersen expects the EUR/USD to rise further over the next 6-12 months: "Clearly, the ECB did not want to see the sharp rebound of the euro following Draghi's comments, but Despite the information yesterday saying that the market misinterpreted its message, the pair has exceeded a year high. In our opinion, this reaction shows that here the ECB tries to re-plug the bottle, has already kicked out And any attempt to go back is likely to have short-term effects, which is why we stress once again that the key move for the next 6 to 12 months is bullish. "

Stoyan Mihaylov, financial analyst at, points out that the upward trend has been renewed and that the outlook is positive for the 1.1430 dynamic zone break to lead to regions 1.1550 and 1.1615. At the bottom, the main support mirror at 1.1295, with the following support points 1.1210 and 1.1020.