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Some Picks Into The 14' New Year

|Includes: REGI

Here are two stories that I see as having sufficient catalysts to propel themselves upwards heading into and through out 2014.

Veolia (VE) - With a robust dividend, a fairly convincing business plan that is aiming towards the new world, and whose services the new world shall surely need, Veolia seems able to regain some of it's prior luster in the eyes of investors. From a fundamental and a technical perspective this stock seems alluring (it touched past $19 within the last 3 months).

Price Target - $25 by beginning of 2016, a ~60% gain, ex-dividends.

Renewable Energy Group (NASDAQ:REGI) - Though mostly dependent upon government tax incentives for their profits, keep in mind we barely are still within year one of Obama's second term, and I believe the EPA will continue to extend tax incentive assistance to the biodiesel industry. REGI is the USA's largest producer, and is expanding at an impressive clip, acquiring more capacity while paying down debt and still coming through with robust profits.

REGI is certainly an interesting case, it's valuation obviously held down by the tenuousness of it's tax credit status, yet on it's face a cash machine. If only they'd start paying out some healthy dividends they could get a more rational valuation, because a valuation like this in an industry with any normal profit visibility would see significant, nay intense, appreciation.

Price Target - $16 at some point in 2014. Wouldn't call it a long term pick necessarily, unless feed stocks become much cheaper and the difference between the sale price and the production price of the biodiesel widens.

Disclosure: I am long VE, REGI.