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You just got your Monday opening. And you may quote LKofEnglish on that.

First off "what is a rogue foreclosure"???!!!  In any case "this is what the flights mean" Mr. Rogue Foreclosure "et al."  This is an attack plain and simple so "put on your war glasses" and invest "the English way."  That is "to make money relative to War Lords."  This is no easy thing.  "They make demands" and "those demands are then met."  The price of resources are high right now, aren't they?  "War Lordism" doesn't come cheap.  Sell your Apple stock.  Sell short at your own peril.  "Is that a President with his back against the wall"?  Sorry, but..."those guys have friends even they've never heard of."  And "thank God for that."  And gold relative to Apple?   I see nothing that keeps the "dark metal" from "keeping on keeping on."  And "good luck Ben and Tim."  That's a Jewish STATE "over there."  Which means "it can be over here, too."

Disclosure: GLD