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"Exit Strategy"

A consensus which I have firmly encouraged such that I might differentiate myself so that I might in getting you to follow yet again prove myself right and all of you wrong (whew...that was hard one to say) is that "all exit strategies lead to higher interest rates." 'bout a little "shoot out at the balloon parlor so you can make your girl oooh and ahhhh."   Shall we call them "BB's"? OF COURSE!  POPPING BALLOONS NO LESS!  And all with "The Girl" by our side.  (That would be you Burnett.  Of course let us not forget Melissa Francis becuase what man can't see a woman whose husband doesn't get it.)  For now one word:  REPUBLICANS.  Oooooh, ahhhhhh.  Oooooh, ahhhhh.   We will have more on this matter now that recovery has taken hold.

Disclosure: ooooh, ahhhhh