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Understanding a Republican HOUSE

This is not the Senate.  This is not the Presidency.  This is two years of "largesse and College of Cardinals."  Unfamiliar terms?  Look 'em up.  We're dealing with folks who have only been out of power for 4 short years.  Having seen Nancy Pelosi and Co issue their smackdown via "The Stimulus" here comes the "counter battery fire."  As Bugs Bunny famously said, "of course you know, this means war."  We're dealing with the "ulitmate of limited resources" which is federal money.  It will now be spent on "those other priorities."  The implications even for two short years are profound and I see nothing from this Senate or amazingly from this President that prevents a "total rolling over" and i'm not talking in just the "near term."  If BO's Veep was arguing for a "withdrawl from Iraq as tantmount to a total withdrawl from all imperial entanglements and why the latter must be done as well" then he was a wise man indeed.  I highly doubt it...and I certainly havn't read as such in any of the ongoing "verbal spooge."

Disclosure: He was talking Lincoln when he should have been talking GW. Now we have "dollar heavy."