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"Skating away on the thin ice of new day."

We're achieving a "breakthrough" alright but it's no scientific one.  We've been walking across the cracking ice to get the duck we just killed and now we're in the frozen water and every time we try and climb out the ice just breaks keeping us from being able to rescue ourselves.  We need help and I don't think we even know we've broken through yet.  "The first step for an alcoholic is the admission he is one."  The second of course is the realization that "I can't save myself on this one."  This ain't just a mere "religious doctrine."  It's called "mathematics" and "compound interest" or in this case "the lack thereof."  The frustration of "the lack of return" is known instinctively by every equity and option guy out there and whatever the common behavorial traits exhibited by any of them when "the loss hits" it's nothing compared to what happens in fixed income.  Is it cruelty or simple honesty to say "without growth we have no value"?  What is certainly true "without value(s) we can have no growth."  Prepare for something "uninformed" or more accurately "just plain phucking ignorant."  The ultimate in stupidity is upon us.

Disclosure: i called the bottom in treasury on "The Call" six weeks ago. So far so bad? Miracles only happen once, if they happen at all.