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If you haven't been hitting the ball out of the park all season, take some profits

Simply put for what Jimmy Cramer calls "you homegamers"--know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.  This election has resulted in a massive amount of uncertainty.  I've been pounding "go against the retail tide" of what Zero Hedge so accurately has shown to be an "only institutional players need apply" market and it's been an amazing year.  In no way am I saying the equity side is gonna get clobbered.  Simply put, though, this is a game I don't have the professional expertise to understand and neither do you.  Quite frankly "I'm not even sure the professinal guys have the expertise" here.  Let the big boys play this game for spell and cash out any monster gainers (save Google in my notso ho) to lock in some profits and reserve it to cash.  I've never believed in Treasuries since I arrived at this site 18 months ago and I really don't like them right now.  100 percent equities now, though, is way out of line--let alone adding foreign stocks in foreign currencies, commodities and junk debt.  I still love nat gas but that's because i see it as a technology play and therefore think the price of the commodity being "royal flushed" is a net "good" so to speak.  As such I see it as a "principle returner" via simply "parting of the seas" growth prospects.  More to the point a surprise sell off in here could yield some very quality "buy low" opportunities now that we know there's a recovery underway in the good old USA.

Disclosure: i think this "transition of power" is way beyond mere "confessional" time especially since Maria B is looking hotter than ever.