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The prime rate in the USA is far from zero

Not only that but our prime rate (the rate at which banks lend to businesses) is far from the lowest in the world.  The Fed like Barak Obama have failed to show any INTEREST in "leading the economy" therefore "interest rates have led them" by rising.  By definition this makes "money more expensive."  Not only that but "by letting the bond market do the work" (whatever the hell that means!) the Fed has "made the decision to make savings worthless."  Well..."the market has responded to this as well" by bidding up every risk asset on the planet to "nosebleed levels."  Since "the slowdown this summer" we've seen "the surprise" have we not? It's called "Europe" and MASSIVE INTEREST RATE SPIKES.  The "theory" that "it can't happen here" ignores the reality "interest rates are far from zero in the USA save for the banks."  And now?  "Suddenly that worthless dollar isn't so worthless and risky assets are risky again."  And you all are suprised about what again?  "That money matters in an economic system"?  Say what?????  Stop drinking from the government Kool-Aid when it tells us through its actions that "money really doesn't matter."  It matters MORE when governments say it doesn't matter actually.  JUST ASK EUROPE!

Disclosure: PHUCK THIS OMNIBUS SHIT CONGRESS. We can't track the money if you don't follow THEIR budget requests