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What Warren Buffet meant when he told Phil Angelides "I own Moody's because they have no competition."

He meant exactly what Phil Angliledes said he meant.  It means "Moody's can downgrade your state of California thereby obilterating it and Mr. Buffet can love it because there's nothing you can do about that."  Needless to say "this is the same organization that claimed free speech as a defense when rating all MBS as AAA sovreign credit" thus "blowing up only small towns in Norway."  Needless to say "they're lying about that as well" as "apparently they blew up a few large banks in Germany" and "maybe even Greece itself."  Apparently "we're blowing up states and nations responsibly now" and "Warren Buffet thinks that's a worthy investment."  Isn't it "more responsible as a venue of free speech to invest in an offensive movie or an offensive blogger who thinks Irish girls are hot?"   In any case "I am God destroyer of worlds" is alive and kickin' and "we all can celebrate by tuning into CNBC and Bloomberg to catch it tic by tic as if in no way do these weapons of finanical mass destruction impact us."  Of course "what's a billionaire next a mulit-trillion dollar CURRENT ACCOUNT deficit?   According to the "financial media" it's "nothing that a little tweek in the Social Security Trust Fund can't cure."  And, oh, yeah--"the fact that you even work is utterly meaningless to me."  Welcome to "Dumb and Dumber" finance--"we've exchanged our preceious money for IOU's--AND THAT MAKES US RICH!"

Disclosure: ah, the banality of financial weapons of mass destruction. at least we have beautiful Irish women reporting on our imminent demise