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The "Korean Peninsula" trade

I usually do only single sentences in my posts since I'm a growth guy, growth stocks have been nothing short of spectacular for two years now--so why not add an "economy of language" to one's views, too. I've found almost nothing to add to what you can already find listening to Jim Cramer save for "my girl" called Wisconsin Energy (which I still love of course, sorry about that Erin Burnett.)   I now feel compelled to make an exception to this economy since "there is no such thing as economy of language" when discussing the very real possibility of American GI's becoming actively engaged in Korea 57 years after the Armistice.

Here are a few bullet points to consider:

The North Koreans have killed numerous South Korean military personnel by sinking a Naval vessel without retaliation this year.
The North Korean military has lobbed artillery into South Korean territory killing South Korean military personnel without retaliation this year.
The North Koreans have fired ballistic missiles over the Island of Japan numerous times.
The North Koreans are a well known proliferator of ballistic missile technology and have been doing so for many years now.
The North Koreans have been lying to the entire world about having no program to create nuclear weapons.
The North Koreans have now admitted to the entire world that they do indeed have a nuclear weapons program and it is "extremely advanced" according to the UN arms control expert the North Koreans brought in in order to show the world just that.
No one should be surprised if the North Koreans don't already have a few if not numerous nuclear devices nor should they be surprised of them having a willingness to use them.
It is well known North Korea has a substantial chemical weapons arsenal.  No one should be surprised of their willingness to use that as well.
The Unites States currently has 28,500 military personnel almost all of them Army personnel currently on the Peninsula.
The United States has just dispatched the most advanced Aircraft Carrier in the world called the George Washington to the region.
The United States has over 35,000 combat forces in Japan most on the island of Okinawa and most consisting of Marine and Air Force personnel.
The United States 7th Fleet including a nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier are permanently based in Yokosuka, Japan.
The United States has a strategic B-52 bombing base on the island of Guam
The Army and Air Force bases of Alaska are within range for movement to the Korean Peninsula.
To my knowledge North Korea does not have a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear device that could target Alaska.
To my knowledge North Korea does not have a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear device that could hit the West Coast of the United States.
The dollar amount of trader per year between the East Asian nations and the United States amounts to the hundreds of billions.
The amount of trade per year between these same East Asian nations amounts to the trillions of dollars.
A combination of United States Army, Air Force, Naval and Marine Corps personnel have ensure the security by which such trade can be conducted.
The presence of nuclear material and the means to deliver it via an established ballistic missile proliferator in the form of North Korea immediately and materially threatens this trade.
It is worth going to war right now over providing security for such commerce.
It is worth going to war right now over providing security for our homeland from such a menace.
It is worth going to war to massively retaliate for North Korea violating with intent an Armistice that has lasted 53 years.
There are material economic rewards in the economic conquest and annihilation of the North Korean state first and foremost being the potential to develop a massive deep water port in Russia's East to provide further development both for Russia and East Asian manufacturers and for the further development of our very prosperous and wealthy West and Southeast. 
The entire planet despises the North Korean regime and would gladly welcome its demise.
Annihilating the North Korean state is fraught with peril and may require the use of nuclear weapons by the United States of America.
We have used nuclear weapons before and are the only nation to have done so.
In this instance I believe we are justified in doing so again given what's at stake and the uniquely threatening nature and activities of the North Korean regime.

We shall see what the week brings.  I will add more relative to both debt and equity markets vis a vis the consequences of a shooting war nuclear or otherwise on the Korean Peninsula.  Suffice to say they are profound and indeed may compel us to act preemptively.

Disclosure: i said "sell your big winners" after the election and this is why. keep that cash powder dry.