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Obama's catastrophic "compromise."

Having ridden this bull right to the peak I recommended taking profits due to the election.  Now you know why.  Simply put "we aren't going to destroy Christmas" has been the DC response to their drubbing at the polls.  It is of course precisely the wrong response.  Having not been serious about paying off the MASSIVE debts incurred "due to exceptional circumstances" we have now hit the inevitable "we have no interest in repaying our debts ever" conclusion.  In short:  "the market will force the hand responsibility."  Indeed "the Fed has said it wants the bond market to be the arbiter."  (???!!!)  It will be a heavy hand.  This is the end of the Obama Presidency.  Period.  He's shown himself to be a man not lacking a mere core set of beliefs but even worse "lacking in common sense."  GOVERNMENTS HAVE REVENUE LINES TOO MR. PRESIDENT.  Ridiculous.And of course "Wall Street is operating under the shibboleth that the Federal Government will be the first to be repaid in any recovery."  Really?  That's not my understanding of the way we finance government.  The "core" has always been OF COURSE property tax payers with "a close second to sales taxes" which also are of "local concern."  Those numbers have OF COURSE collapsed.  And the Federal Government's response?  Debt upon debt upon debt upon debt "to be repaid via money printing."  Simply put "one percent growth is now enough to obliterate the US economy" since "growth is such an integral force to our financial system" that "no bills can be paid should growth fail to materialize."  It's pretty simple in a brutal way actually...."the higher deficit slows growth and with a commensurate rise in rates simply makes the 1 percent return the best we can do."  Obviously "if what has happened to Greece or Ireland" happens to the USA then "all eyes on the military."  And there of course lies the ridiculous and simply treasonous policies engaged by policy makers at all levels of the Federal Government:  "clearly the war is expanding not contracting."  So the answer is a massive expansion of entitlements and debt financed tax relief?  This is even to grade school level math an impossible reality.  I still love the natural gas space and Google but now we must wait for the inevitable blow up in the debt markets and see "if those sinews connecting the bones look yummy."  We're now "full on vulture-nomics."

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