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Hyperinflation cannot be discounted

We have a private market for health care.  A failure of that private market must be considered should the bond market in actuality be a bubble and in actuality burst.  A failure of this mulititude of trillions of both these markets which are "at or near equivalents" of each other would be a precipitating event for the fall of Federal System of governence in its current form with some type of as of yet understood but clearly "imposed" new form of "states rightism" or "decenterization."  Moreover the fact that our health care is in fact a "good" bought and sold no different from an equity or a treasury bond the failure of this particular market must be considered as potentially hyperinflationary since as the "ulitmate good" cash money would now suddenly have one less very dramatic place in which to be "destroyed" so to speak.  In short "no good equals more money" in all the wrong ways. More importantly "start training 100,000 doctors right now" might be the "last best hope" for the current so called "power elite."

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