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Of "media" and "the markets."

Clearly if you're a "fundamentalist" as I have been portrayed as and which i would like to believe is true "markets rise or fall based on their fundamentals" and not on "one's ability to portray them."  It is fascinating then that "we have individuals who must explain the market to us" is it not?  What purpose is to be served then by having an actual human comment on "what the market is doing"?  Can't we just simply read?  If we are to believe ZH "the purpose is solely to get the market to move higher."  My view of course is "if you wish to move a stock higher comment about it on ZH" and if you are a bear "to comment negatively on it on CNBC."  I have yet to find a more effective approach and their can be no higher expression of that than being kicked off their site for being portrayed as such.  Of course it begs the question "can the fact that one single bull on a site full of bears cause an equity to rise"?  I cannot imagine as Taxi Driver/Raging Bull having a year again like this past year--and of course that's what we should be focusing on since the future is anyone's guess whereas "the past is what has in actuality happened."  But did the media play a role for "few were as noticed as I"?  Frankly I don't see how it's possible "through bigoted/anti-semetism" that an equity will rise--and of course there can be no more proof positive than Jim Cramer himself who really is "properly trained" shall we say.   I will say this:  "i've witnessed strangely postivie moves of both direction and time"--in the case of Google, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Wal Mart (on the short side no less) and municpal debt (???) all in the portfolio of GLD and all moving within a day and in the expected direction relative to comments on two and only two blog sites.  You tell me...

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: we've actually lost money on the muni play.