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Thoughts on improperly playing the real world game of Monopoly

Obviously there is nothing fair or right about the Federal Government of the United States allowing for what is now obviously the greatest concentration of market power in the United States since the 1920's.  More to the  point the reason why participation in the democratic process is at historic lows is readily apparent.  The fact of the matter is using an election to stand opposed to such concentrations of economic power seems truly quaint indeed.  It's not the bailouts nor even Bernanke's ZIRP or the continued push to medal in the affairs of foreign nations the outcome of their bid for greater freedom does not affect us in the least.  The problem of course is the unwillingness of our elected leaders to live within their means thus allowing for our Republic to be laid bare before the malefactors and otherwise treasonous ones to become our "true representatives."  To be blunt no matter how hard I try to make a parody of power the more power resembles what seems to me to be the most ridiculous reality I can envision.  After a while "you stop laughing and really do start to believe."  No matter how bullish I am (and I am and have been long before the rest of the Fast Money set got their giddee-up) being able to control what was called in the 90's "the suspension of dis-belief" becomes more than just a little tempting indeed ("YOU AND ME BURNETT!  ALL THE WAY!!!")  All of this "greed" (for lack of a better word) is a reminder to "keep one's emotions in check" once "the market's emotions become successfully unchecked."  I started on Seeking Alpha with a single focus which I maintain today:  a singular focus on the Federal Government above all else as The Signal for what they saw as the proper role of the market in our society.  There is nothing unusual about what is going on now namely "that it is better if the market ran the country and everything else for that matter than we do" as horrific as it might sound to the more "enlightened" amongst us.  More to the point "upon coming to such an odd conclusion do not be surprised if the government succeeds."  And indeed "they" have.  I hate to use the word "they" because it all sounds so "conspiratorial" and indeed "those who advocate such a view are passed off as such."  That is fine.  "Bring on Napoleon" as I have said early and often is only done "half tongue in cheek" when dealing with realization of "The Unbelievable" which is "bailing out never to be solvent banks."  We will see what truly is America's response to Egypt--the first impulse of "we are Americans and we're in charge here" is both perfectly natural and perfectly wrong.  Does it mean it won't come to pass?  After observing what the equity market has done "without the requisite blow up in the bond market" shows "don't be surprised if the impossible if asked for can't be achieved."  Never forget however and as Egypt should teach us all "absolute power corrupts absolutely."  In short "there is a reason Americans are feeling that their freedoms have been destroyed." If Egypt becomes a human catastrophe on a biblical scale as a "mass of starving humanity begins The Exodus" to "the Promise Land" then "prepare for more."  That would be MORE starving people "in combination" with "more people who don't give a rat's ass."

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Additional disclosure: To infinity...and beyond indeed.