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El Paso Energy's Convertible/Preferred

We've just purchased some so here are some thoughts on fixed income that can be converted into equity.  It has more "security" than an equity should disaster befall a high growth energy play such as El Paso.  At the set conversion rate there is the opportunity to convert to the equity to participate to the maximum extent possible in a sudden growth spurt.  The natural gas space has now become "the green choice" for energy due to the nuclear disaster of Fukushima.  Natural gas should no longer be considered a "bridge fuel" for future vehicles but as a consequence of Fukushima as "the fuel destination." It is of course "the fuel" for heating homes and providing the most efficient fuel for everything in said home save lighting.  Unlike Wisconsin Energy which is a utility "that operates like a growth company" El Paso Energy is an actual natural gas exploration and production company with pipeline assets.  As a supplier with a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal already operating outside of Savannah, GA it has pipeline and storage facilities for distribution of natural gas across the entirety of the United States with aggressive expansion plans.  In my not so humble opinion that makes El Paso in his current environment one of the plays--if not the play--in the natural gas space.  It is for these reasons among others that we have purchased El Paso convertible preferred's.