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In Memoriam: American Capitalism

We have been replaced by "hope."  It's hard to imagine corporate USA was the agent for change at one time.  The airplane?  Private capital.  The car?  Private capital.  The telephone?  Private capital.  The steamship?  Private capital.  This is what changed our life and it's hard to imagine there was a time "this was the goal of capitalism."  Of course there was greed.  More "of course" however was "there was a need for money" which greed rarely begets (but certainly prevents!) because "these were the agents of change."  The irony of course is that the height in power of this peculiar capitalistic ethos came during war. I think it goes a long way towards explaining the governmental structure we have today but that would be an entire book unto itself.  Suffice to say it was the certainty that such a structure whereby the world of money changed our lives time and again is something not only we the people but "we the polity" came to rely on.  To say "devolving it down to what a few banks on Wall Street want" is a comedown is perhaps the greatest understatement of all time.  More accurately "it simply cannot work" not least because there is no simplicity to it as a growth plan going forward. Of course the government must play a role RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW--more accurately the government must play a POSITIVE role to restore growth to this economy RIGHT NOW.  To say this is complex is clearly true.  To say it is not doable however is clearly the true lack of hope and "not the fact that Wall Street still isn't getting what it wants so you better watch out."  I've laid out a simple and therefore eminently doable way forward should the Wall Street/DC nexus wish it. Clearly they can make it so simply by ordering it be done.  Just as clearly money is no object as of yet. (Ending soon?  So it would seem.) Yet sometimes we must all realize "the choices in our lives have already been made" since people pretty much prefer to celebrate their worthlessness rather than make a true difference in the only place that matters (the USA...for now of course.)  Let us watch and see the outcome then since the only thing "we are become" are Voyeurs in Chief now.