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The Occupation protests are a game changer

I'm bullish on the market (correctly so unlike this site for two years running I might add.)  I've never been a big fan of the so called recovery (correct call again I might add...unlike this site going on two years running as well.)  I believe we are on the cusp of a true economic recovery so we will see if I can make it three for three.  Having said that the Occupation is not just some wild card.  This thing is the real deal and its implications are simply not knowable.  To date no one in the political class has spoken directly to these folks...let along even bothered to think about the implication of say 10 million people heading to Washington to "camp out for a while."  It is where we're at without a doubt however.  The decisions coming out of Washington over the next weeks and months will be momentous indeed.  I give this Government just a few weeks to "clear out the detritous" of our aged labor pool and get these kids to work.  And if it comes out what's really been going on in the media as true well...let's just say to doubt that Americans take the trampling of their most basic of rights seriously is a fault beyond egregious.