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Gold/Bond conundrum? NOT!

Today gold as expected soared.  On the other hand Long Term treasuries unexpectedly soared as well.  To quote the movie highlander "there can be only one."  In other words, one must be right and the other must be wrong.  It has been said "the trend is your friend."  In this case "the trend is the trend."  Gold has been moving higher for many years now.  The Bond market on the other hand has had the biggest selloff since the early 80's and that was induced almost entirely by Paul Volcker's Fed which was RAISING rates at the time.  Now we have quantitative easing and while I would argue that is the cause for the collapse of the bond market this spring (in anticipation of an even greater collapse this fall in the bond market causing yields to rise of course) and without a doubt the same cause for its soaring value in the past few days without a doubt it is the singular reason gold continues to rally soon to surpass $1000 an ounce.  While I would never recommend shorting any asset class (save for Barak Obama's poll ratings, perhaps) simply put if you are a financial advisor and are buying your clients' treasuries at these levels you should be fired and blackballed from the industry.