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clearing the trade

so there you have it.  the bond market has now swallowed literally trillions of supply with nary a hiccup and with trillions more on the way no less. As was said of stock picking during the 90's "even a pig can find an acorn if its sitting in the middle of the road."  Let this be a lesson to those who short the bond market as well:  unpatriotic and being punished for it and thank God for that.  So is this a bad call for the likes of CBP and myself?  Were we wrong on bonds?  I think the larger question is what does clearing the trillions mean for economy and, ulitmately, stocks.  The answer as the trade gets cleared is of course this is great news for the economy and ulitmately the stock market.  Not only is all this money being raised at ridiculously low interest rates but not a dime of it will not be spent.  Hats off to the the Democrats for "gettin' r done."  We'll talk repayment later.